March 28, 2017

Draining the Swamp

An article in Politico highlights why governance ain’t nearly as much fun as opposition. Conservative groups have turned on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt because he won’t reverse an Obama administration ruling that climate change endangers the environment. They want him to snap his fingers and say, “Make it so.” But that would trigger a court battle forcing the government to prove that climate change no longer poses a risk, raising memories of “Miracle on 34th Street,” where the government went to court to prove that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. It didn’t go well then, and it likely wouldn’t go well now.

Later in the article, Pruitt is said to be frustrated over the slow pace of appointing deputies to help him carry out his plans. Another article said the slow pace was intentional, part of Steve Bannon’s plan to deconstruct the administrative state. In fact, if Bannon had his way, most of these positions would remain unfilled. The fact that this undermines efforts to execute Trump’s agenda doesn’t seem to bother Bannon. It’s a helluva way to drain the swamp, especially when the alligators start fighting among themselves.

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