January 14, 2017


I’ve said before that the best part of working as a background extra has been the acting community. Sure, you hear stories about prima donnas and overbearing directors, but that hasn’t been my experience. Take my latest job, working an outdoor shoot late into the night as temperatures dropped into the thirties -- nature of the beast and no reflection on the production company, topnotch folks who manage the task of shepherding a very large group of people through multiple tasks with practiced ease and good humor. The background extras last night, many of whom I had worked with on other jobs, pretty much ran the gamut of humanity. From cast to crew to background, we worked together under increasingly difficult conditions. There were no arguments or tense moments, at least none that I saw. What I did see and hear was a lot of laughing and talking and supporting each other as we struggled to achieve our common purpose, the performance. In those moments you see what’s possible when we check our differences at the door and just work together to get the job done, making the most of whatever talents we have. That's the real magic of show business.

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