May 12, 2016

Some Hard Truths

(1) The last candidate to win the presidency who WASN’T a Democrat or a Republican was Zachary Taylor in 1848. Many have run as a third party candidate, but none have been chosen.
(2) So it follows that casting a vote for a third party candidate (or Mickey Mouse) is a historically futile choice, the usual result being to guarantee victory for the guy you don’t want.
(3) Despite the talk of attracting new voters to the revolution, Republicans are winning the battle of turnout in the primaries. Turns out disaffection cuts both ways.
(4) Whoever wins the Republican and Democratic nomination … one of them will be our next president, the betting at this point being on either Trump or Clinton. If one doesn’t win, the other one will. And that’s a hard truth we all will have to live with.

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