February 22, 2016

100 Words -- What's Good For Apple

To quote the Kinks, “It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world.” A couple with links to ISIS goes on a killing spree. Their phone may have useful information, but the data is encrypted. Only the phone’s builder, Apple, can create a back door into the phone. Apple refuses, proclaiming their sacred duty to protect customer privacy. They don’t mention that China is their second-largest market. If they let us in the back door, the Chinese government will want the same. That’s bad for business. So ease up, Uncle Sam. Remember, what’s good for Apple is good for America.

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  1. RE: "what’s good for Apple is good for America"

    The exact same phrase just occurred to me and I googled it to see if anyone else thought of it, and here we are