January 6, 2013

A History of Man

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be worth a thousand times more. The video below, "Man," by Steve Cutts is not for the kiddies, but we adults can all learn a thing or two from it. Cutts portrays in sometimes graphic detail the damage we have done to the planet and the living things we share it with, damage that will take another 500,000 years to undo. The video is darkly humorous at points but definitely not fun to watch. You won't forget it.

Confession time. I found this link in a story in Fox News. Yes, I will check out Fox if the story is not political. This article was about fraudulent Turkish Internet security certificates. Fascinating stuff. Anyway, the link led me to a site called Fast Company, one which I will definitely bookmark. So, on with the show:

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