April 8, 2012

Peak Oil Exposed

In my collection of essays on climate change, I talk about the three modern-day horsemen of the Apocalypse: climate change, over-population, and peak oil. Together, they work together to create the ultimate worse-case scenario: too many people dependent upon on a disappearing cheap-oil economy even as the planet they live on is undergoing profound changes to its atmosphere and oceans.

The video below tackles peak oil in a brief yet comprehensive manner. The point it makes it simple to grasp. There is only so much high-quality, easily-extractable oil available on a finite planet. Just about every country has reached a point where the amount of this oil they pump out is less and less with each passing year. We aren't running out of oil, but we are running out of cheap oil. That means we will paying more and more for less and less. So the choice is clear: we have no choice. We must begin phasing out our reliance on petroleum. Easier said than done in this political climate of denial and gridlock.

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