January 10, 2012

Final Requiem

I haven't done much posting to the blog lately. What with work and putting the finishing touches on Requiem for Ahab there hasn't been much time left to write for the blog. I haven't written a blurb yet, so I thought I would work on it here. So far, this is my working draft:
Requiem for Ahab is a story about one man's quest to reconcile his past with his future. It is a story about fathers and sons, war and its warriors, suffering and forgiveness.
Anyone who has read Moby-Dick knows that Captain Ahab lost his leg and then his life, along with the lives of the crew of the Pequod, to the white whale, Moby Dick. What you may not remember is that Ahab was survived by a young wife and son—Hannah and Thomas. Ahab's life has ended, but their lives must now go on without him. They move to a small town near Boston, where she meets and marries Aaron Stoddard. The years go by and Thomas Stoddard grows into a young man. Ahab's memory recedes deeper and deeper into a past seldom revisited by either mother or son.

When the Civil War breaks out in 1861, Thomas enlists in the Second Massachusetts Infantry Regiment and sees action at Antietam and Chancellorsville. Then comes the Battle of Gettysburg, where Thomas is wounded and has his leg amputated. He can't help but remember Ahab's fate, and he wonders if he too will go mad. Thomas realizes he knows nothing about his father's death ... or life. There is only one man who can help him discover the truth about his father—Ishmael, the lone survivor of the Pequod.
 Writing blurbs is hard work. Where do you draw the line on how much to reveal about the plot, especially in a shorter work, such as a novella? And will those parts that appeal to me as a writer be the thing that will hook a reader? It's all a guessing game. The good news is that the story has been written. Now if I can only capture it vividly enough to entice readers into checking it out.

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