August 13, 2011

The Age of Stupid Meets The True Believers

“I think the U.S. has every chance of having a good year next year, but the politicians are doing their damnedest to prevent it from happening — the Republicans are — and the Democrats to my eternal bafflement have not stood their ground,” Ian C. Shepherdson, chief United States economist for High Frequency Economics, a research firm, said in an interview.
Hello! Let's recall a fundamental political reality that will affect every choice made by Republicans between here and November 6, 2012: a good economy is bad for Republicans. They cannot win if voters are optimistic about the future, if the economy is finally moving forward, if jobs are growing. They don't want any of that. They need you and I to be scared and angry, just like they are.

The current crop of ignoramuses and weasels running for the Republican presidential nomination are the inevitable result of The Age of Stupid meets The True Believers. A couple of them may know better, but the rest of them actually believe the crap they are spewing out. They aren't pandering to the Tea Party or anyone else. This is who they are.

Every day, I wake up and ask myself how the Republican Party turned into such a mess. Let's hope that enough voters (including those so-called progressives who seem to live in a political world equally remote from the reality of governance) ask themselves the same question and make the only reasonable choice, which is to keep Obama around for another four years.

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